Monday, May 9, 2016

Three Reasons Why

         Here I sit, in my english desk at school with the lights out as the movie, The Giver, plays in the background. Here I sit, laying in bed with the bright orange color of my lamp shining over my shoulder onto the book, The Giver. As I sit at my english desk watching the characters before me, I’m transported into the community. As I sit laying in my bed, my mind transports me to the community that I have created for The Giver and Jonas. I enjoyed both of these ways of experiencing The Giver, but preferred reading the book. I enjoyed reading the book because it explains the feelings of the people in it, it encouraged me to use my imagination, and because it captivated me for a longer time.

         Feelings help complete a book and make it amazing. They tell you what the person is thinking which makes it a lot easier to understand, and uses adjectives to describe their personalities. This is why books are so great and unique, whereas in a movie, it doesn't explain what the person is thinking and you just have to make assumptions about their personality. I don't like this because you could be completely wrong and you never know. This is one of the reasons why I think that the book, The Giver, is better than the movie.
         I think everyone loves to use their imagination. It's like you're free to think anything and you won't get in trouble. In The Giver, there are many spots in it where you are free to use your imagination. You can help come up with the world they live in, what their community looks like, and even how the book ends! I think that many people enjoyed this, but in the movie, everything is given to you and you don't have a choice on even the simplest things such as what Jonas looks like. I think that this is a major set back because I love to use my imagination!
         One reason why I enjoy reading books is because it captivates you for a long period of time. With a book like The Giver, it is very suspenseful and is hard to put down. You are always wanting to flip the page and see what happens next. I know I always couldn't wait until I got home from school and had to read! All of this happens for about 2 weeks with a book, whereas in movies, you are only intrigued for about an hour and a half. Also, as you are reading you are getting smarter and smarter and more intelligent!
         I thought that both the movie and the book The giver were amazing, but I enjoyed reading the book more for many reasons. The three main reasons that I think the book is better is because it explains feelings and emotions and the characters disposition, you are able to use your imagination for many different reasons, and because it captivates, and keeps you intrigued for a longer time.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Amazing Memory that we have

How would you feel if you could remember anything. You could remember every scene in a movie that you watched from 40 years ago. I think that this is amazing, and I don't get how you would be able to memorize thousands of pages filled with words about the Talmud! I wonder whether it's a weird feeling for the kids who have these conditions.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Which World?

Today, I read The Pedestrian and The Forecast. I think that in The Pedestrian, it's really interesting how everyone is always inside with their blinds closed. I would NEVER want to live in a world like this! I also think it's interesting how Mr. Leonard Mead was the only person who was out walking. In The Forecast, I wonder whether it's relating to how predictable everything in our world is.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Reaching his destination

As Jonas and Gabriel make it to their destination, Jonas recognises lights and the feeling of love through windows. I think that the book ended leaving you on a cliffhanger and wondering what he is meaning. I wonder whether the house that he is seeing is the house that he sees in the first ever memory he gets of the snow.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Unplanned Escape

Jonas decides to start his escape earlier, without the help of the Giver, but with Gabriel. The reason he did this was because at dinner, Jonas' dad had explained that the next morning, Gabriel would be released. I think that the people in his community have given up on looking for him because there are no more search planes. I wonder whether the Giver knew when Jonas left because maybe they have a connection, and I wonder whether the Giver is mad that he left.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Plan

As Jonas and The Giver talk about their plans of escape, towards the end, The Giver tells Jonas that he won't go with him because he wants to spend time with his daughter. His daughter is Rosemary. I think that this is so sad because he watched his daughter kill herself and he was part of the reason why. I wonder whether Jonas will still try to convince The Giver to come with him on his journey, because now he might feel bad because he knows the truth.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Learning the Truth

This chapter completely shocked me! They "released the smaller baby" by killing it, putting it in a carton, and putting it down the trash chute. I think that this is so strange because when the elders are released, they are being killed! I wonder whether EVERYONE has 'you can lie' on their rules for their job because Jonas's dad would have lied to him about what happens when you are released, so who would have it on his rules too.